Second International ASTRA Conference "Climate change adaptation and floodrisks in coastal areas"

October 26-28, 2006, Polish Geological Institute (PGI), Gdansk, Poland

Thursday, 26 October

8:45-9:00 Registration of participants
09:15-9:30 Opening of the conference, Welcome of participants
09:30-09:50 Introduction to the ASTRA project Philip Schmidt-Thomé, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

09:50-10:20 Climate change: a global problem with local origins Dr. Jürgen Kropp, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany
10:20-10:50 Climate changes in the Southern Baltic Prof. Miroslaw Mietus, Institute of Meterology and Water Management (IMGW),Poland
10:50-11:10 Coffee

SESSION I - Flood Risks in coastal areas. Regional and local approach

11:00-11:30 Floods in Vistula Delta (no presentation availabale!) Halina Burakowska,Institute of Meterology and Water Management (IMGW),Poland
11:30-12:00 Contemporary approach to flood protection. Flood in Gdansk 2001 Prof. Wojciech Majewski, Institute of Hydroengineering, Polish Academy of Science (IBW PAN),Poland
12:00-12:30 Flood risk and decision making Andrzej Cieslak, Maritime Office, Gdynia, Poland
12:30-14:00 Lunch


14:00 Welcome and introduction to the workshop setting Convenor: Prof. Walter Leal, TuTech GmbH, Germany
14:05 The Importance of Stakeholder Dialogues in Climate Change Adaptation Prof. Martin Welp, University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde, Germany
14:30 Who in the Baltic Sea Region is affected by Climate Change? ASTRA's preliminary results of vulnerable sectors Dr. Klaus Eisenack, Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany

Workshop Local Level

Workshop Pan-Baltic Level

Workshops facilitated by Prof. Jörg Knieling, HarbourCity University, Prof. Walter Leal, TuTech, Philipp Schmidt-Thóme, GTK, Prof. Martin Welp, UASE.Rapporteurs: Simo Haanpää, CURS, Samuli Lehtonen, CURS, Franziska Mannke, TuTech, Dr. Lasse Peltonen (CURS), Elena Talockaite, ECAT, Katrin Tresse, HarbourCityUniversity.
15:45-16:00 Coffee
16:00 Stakeholder workshops continues
16:45 Preparation of results within workshop groups
17:00-17:15 Coffee
17:15 Presentation of group results to the plenary
17:45 Conclusion and outlook
18:00 End of day 1

Friday, 27 October

SESSION IIA - Adaptation strategies, policy making and spatial planning

09:15-09:45 Climate Change adaptation around the Baltic Sea- a policy perspective Dr. Lasse Peltonen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
09:45-10:05 Towards a Pan-Baltic Adaptation Strategy- Challenges, Demands and Tasks for policy makers Katrin Tresse, HafenCityUniversity Hamburg, Germany
10:05-10:25 Climate Change and land use planning in Kokkola Old Harbour Bay Juhani Hannila & Michael Hagsröm, City of Kokkola, Finland
10:25-10:45 Flood characteristics and responsive spatial planning in Latvia Agrita Briede & Laila Kule, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia
10:45-11:15 Coffee

SESSION IIB - Adaptation strategies and tools

11:15-11:45 Regional assessment of sea level rise and river floods by using computer-based expert systems Dr. Jürgen Kropp, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany
11:45-12:05 KLARA-Net - regional network for climate change adaptation in the region Starkenburg, South Hesse, Germany Lena Herlitzius, TU Darmstadt, Germany
12:05-12:25 Preliminary flood risk assessment in relation to the project of Flood Directive Marcin Jacewicz, Regional Board for Water Management (RZGW), Gdansk, Poland
12:25-12:45 Numerical Terrain Model in spatial planning Dr. Wojciech Staszek, Gdansk University, Poland
12:45-14:00 Lunch

SESSION III - Climate Change impacts in the BSR

14:00-14:20 Gdansk case study area Dorota Kaulbarsz, Zbignierw Kordalski, Polish Geological Institute (PGI), Gdansk, Poland
14:20-14:40 The case study of Pirkanmaa Tom Frisk, Ämer Bilaletdin, Heikki Kaipainen & Jari Rauhala, Pirkanmaa Environmental Centre, Finland
14:40-15:00 Long-term changes in frequencies of wind directions on the western coast of Estonia Jaak Jaagus, University of Tartu, Estonia
15:00-15:20 Some implications of coastal zone utilization and management in Estonia Valdeko Palginõmm & Are Kont, Tallinn University, Estonia
15:20-15:40 Coffee


15:40-16:00 Deviations from common expected Climate Change impacts in the Oder/Odra estuary region Holger Janssen, Baltic Sea Research Institute, Warnemünde (IOW), Germany
16:00-16:20 Baltic Sea, eutrophication and climate change: Uusimaa case study area Polona Rozman,Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)
16:20-17:00 Summary and discussion
17:00 End of day 2

Saturday, 28 October

09:00 Field trip Gdansk-flood risk and protection; Old town


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