First International ASTRA Conference
" Are we prepared to cope with climatic changes? - Consequences of the winter storm 2005"

Workshop A- Scientific workshop

Chair: Mr. Gintautas Stankunavicius, Vilnius University

Friday, 19 May

09:40 Perceived Climate Change Impacts and Exposure Units in the BSR: Results from a Case Study Screening Dr.Juergen Kropp
10:05 Sea level changes and coastal evolution in the south-eastern Baltic Dr. L. Z. Gelumbauskaite, Dr. J. Seckus
10:30 Impact of wind regime on the changes in dunes Dr. R. Morkunaite, Prof. Hab. A. Cesnulevicius, A. Bautrenas
11:00 Consequences of the winter storm 2005 in Estonia: possible changes in mean and extreme sea levels due to climate change Ü.Suursaa et al
11:30 Coffee break
11:45 Coastal damages in Estonia caused by the storm on January 9, 2005 H.Tonisson et al
12:10 Temperature and sea level changes in Pärnu area during last fifty years V.Petersell, J.Kivisilla and S.Suuroja
12:35 Case study areas: Cities of Kokkola and Raahe, Finland S.Putkinen
12:50 Results of Storm Surges on the Gulf of Gdansk Coast Dr. Szymon Uscinowicz
13:15 Discussion
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Presentation of Workshop results in plenary Michael Staudt, GTK


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