ASTRA project Meeting Potsdam, April 3-5, 2005

Day 1: Afternoon session

14:00 Welcome address J.Kropp,PIK
14:05 PIK's further involvment in the INTERREG Programme "Adaptation and Mitigation- an Integrated Climate Policy Approach (AMICA, INTERREG IIIC) AMICA_project.pdf M.Stock, PIK
14:15 Adaptation to Climate Change: Reconsidered. Examples, Meaning & Consequenzes for Policy Adaptation_PIK.pdf J.Kropp,PIK
14:45 Case studies Finland CSAFinland.pdf Hillka Kallio,GTK
15:00 Case study Pirkanmaa CSAPirkanmaa.pdf T.Frisk, PREC
15:15 Case study Estonian archipelago CSAEstonia2.pdf Are Kont,Tallinn University
15:30 Case studies Tallinn and Pärnu CSAEstonia1.pdf S.Suuroja,EGK
15:45 Coffee Break
16:00 Case studies Latvia CSALatvia.pdf M.Klavins,University of Latvia
16:15 Case studies Lithuania CSALithuania.pdf E.Talockaite, ECAT
16:30 Case studies Poland CSAPoland.pdf D. Kaulbarsz & Z.Kordalski,PGI, Gdansk
16:45 Case study Germany CSAGermany.pdf H.Janssen,IOW
17:00 Discussion
17:15 Winter storm study Baltic Sea wss_curs.pdf Simo Haanpää, CURS
17:30 Structure of draft policy documnet- expected input from partners WP3_TuTech.pdf K.Tresse, TuTech
17:40 Discussion on future project work, Definition of important terms and concepts Chair: J.Kropp, PIK
19:30 Diner Flying Dutchman, Potsdam Dutch Quarter

Day 2: Morning Session

09:00 Climate Impact research- Questionnaire feedback and further steps Screening_PIK.pdf K.Eisenack, PIK
09:30 Climat change scenarios-Methodology and Limitations Scenarios_PIK.pdf J.Kropp,PIK
10:00 Discussion: ASTRA's aims, impacts. Which scenario/data are needed and suitable? Chair: P.Schmidt-Thome, GTK
11:00 - Coffee break -
11:15 Developmnt of a common methodology and next steps Chair:J.Kropp,PIK
12:30 - Lunch break - Canteen Telegraphenberg

Day 2: Afternoon Session

13:30 Organization and planning of the ASTRA conference in Klaipeda/Lithuania Klaipeda_conference.pdf M.Staudt, GTK
14:00 General discussion (continuation) Chair:J.Kropp,PIK
15:00 - Coffee break -
15:20 General discussion (continuation) Chair:J.Kropp,PIK
16:20 End
16:30 Historical Potsdam Tour (Crown Estate, Orangery, Old Town, Park Sanssouci, New Palais etc. Bus tour
18:30 Project dinner at Crown Estate Bornstedt (Historical Wine Cellar and Brewery approx. 22:30 Bus transfer back to hotel

Day 3: Financial issues day

10:00 Feedback on the first project auditing and planned budget reallocation Financial workshop.pdf M.Staudt,GTK
10:30 Summary of the meeting Summary.pdf M.Staudt,GTK
11:00 Visit of Computer Facilities of PIK J.Kropp,PIK
12:00 - Lunch- Canteen Telegraphenberg
13:00 End


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