Finland - Uusimaa

The Uusimaa Case Study

General flood map of coastal areas of Uusimaa

The Uusimaa Regional Council has over the period 2005-2007 been involved in the ASTRA Project.
A flood risk assessment has been carried out as part of the ASTRA Project. The assessment has included the production of a general flood map of coastal areas of Uusimaa, which can be used to evaluate the need for more detailed flood risk analyses.
The results of the flood risk assessment are available in a report in Finnish and English language. The report has been written by planner Jarkko Hintsala. The fl ood maps have been drawn by regional council engineer Jukka Hynninen. Illustrations have been produced by regional council architect Tuula Palaste-Eerola. Useful comments on the texts and maps were contributed by Kari Rantakokko (MSc.Eng.) of Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre. The production of the report was partly funded by the EU Interreg IIIB Programme.

The report in Finnish language is available for download here.
The report in English language is available for download here.


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