City of Kokkola

Description of case study area:
Kokkola is located at the Western coast of Finland in the Bay of Bothnia. It is situated within the coordinates 63° 49' 60 N and 23° 4' 60 E. Kokkola was founded in 1640. Kokkola is the administrative, economic, cultural and regional centre of Central Ostrobothnia. The City of Kokkola has area of 332,5 km2 of which land area is 327,5 km2 . The population of Kokkola municipality comprises ca. 36 000 and the region of Central Ostrobothia has 70 600 inhabitants.

Short geographical description and the problem, which should be addressed during the project:

The landscape of Kokkola is mostly lowland and hills are rare. Area was covered with former Baltic sea stages after the last glaciation. Due to land uplift the seashore has moved few kilometers away from the old city centre. Land uplift is ca. 8 mm per year.

Overview map and photos of the case study area:

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Main interests are the impacts of climate change on:


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