Climate modelling and climate impact research

First, the project will use scientific knowledge from climate modelling and climate impact research, as well as geomorphological and geological investigations to assess the effects of climate change impacts on both natural and socio-economic systems. The study will address threats arising from climate change in the BSR area, such as extreme temperatures, droughts, forest fires, storm surges, winter storms and floods. As a first step, the winter storm (8 + 9 January 2005) and related national, regional and local effects and responses will be studied as a starting example of the various challenges climate change poses to the region.

The impact assessment is based on modelled climate change effect data provided by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and other available climate model results. Special attention to risk awareness will be addressed through intensive dissemination exercises, such as regional conferences and workshops in the countries around the BSR. The final goal is to ensure awareness and adaptation strategies for the socio-economic system to prevent the adverse effects of climate change and to ensure a stable development of the BSR


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